Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesday, November 8th

Share Two & Critique

In one of my previous posts I showed a picture of me leaning down in the middle of the road in Yellowstone National Park. There are tall trees beside the road, and mountains seen in the distant background. However, there are two red posts on both sides of the roads that unfortunately captures people's eyes away from the other aspects of the photograph. Instead of ghosting out the red posts I chose to make the photograph black and white. I think it helps avoid the problem of the red posts and it also adds to the awry-ness of the photograph itself.

For my next photograph I wanted to try a close up of an object without losing the focus or details or it in the rest of the photograph. In this picture, I chose to photograph two/three red berries found in a wooded area located in the Ruby Valley area in southwestern Montana. The lighting in this photograph is difficult because this was an overcast day which gives the pictures a natural darker lighting. I especially like how I captured the details and focus of the berries themselves, as well as the stem they are connected on. Unfortunately, the stem in the top left corner could be argued that there is more focus in this region versus the berries themselves. With further editing, I might consider lowering the brightness level and upping the contrast. An option to crop this photograph is available, might I myself want to keep the stem and center the berries within the photograph.

Sierra Hentges

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