Friday, November 11, 2016

Thursday, November 10th

In the first photograph I chose to show, I found this online from one of my friends (a fellow Veteran) posting this picture for Veteran's Day. I decided to use this photo (with permission of course) and try and edit it to maximize it's potential. This picture appears to have been taken at sunrise off of someone's porch, looking into the light. The way the wind hits the American flag so that the light is too blinding is ideal. You can still see the light source from behind the flag, as well as a broad sky. I cropped the photograph in order to eliminate any distractors, and I'm continuing to play with the contrast and colors to get the most out of the American flag and the sunrise itself.

The next photograph I chose to show today is a picture of bright beautiful flowers.

I wanted to capture the brightness of the colors against the white picket fence in front of the gazebo, however I don't think the photograph turned out very well. If I could go back and change some things I would stand at a different angle (maybe looking directly at the flowers) and I would lower my stance just a little bit to be more eye level with the fence. It's also not super ideal that this day was overcast, I think the photograph would have turned out much differently if it had been sunny outside. I feel like some focus in the flowers are lost.

Sierra R. Hentges

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