Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Thursday, October 27th

I found an interesting article in National Geographic titled, "Best of Montana Year-Round: Nature and Wildlife". It contains interesting information regarding Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, the National Bison Range, the Wild Horse Island State Park, and Lone Pine State Park as well as beautiful photographs. The photograph I chose to display captures a bison crossing the Madison River at dawn in Yellowstone National Park. I love the color pallet in this photograph, especially the purples shades of oranges and pinks. Another thing I think really helps the bison "pop" in the photograph is the light fog effect and the bison itself being a dark figure with a clear reflection in the water. I actually visited this particular river while touring Yellowstone National Park. I would love to try and capture an image like this-but especially the color pallet it gives.

Photograph by Russell Burden, Getty Images

The next picture is from Glacier National Park. To me, it has a lot of elements such as the sky, the mountains, the snow, the water and it's reflection, the tree line, and the bright colors of the canoes. First, the broad sky gives such depth to the photograph and the clouds themselves don't hide other images in the photograph. The tree line going across the side of the photograph and in front of the mountains shot also gives the image some finesse. The reflection in the water is straight beautiful. The calmness of the water gives a crisp, even reflection of the other images in the photograph. Lastly, the canoes give some character to the photograph itself (especially the red one). It's definitely something that catches your eyes and bring you in to the rest of the photograph.

Photograph by Don Johnston, Getty Images

Sierra R. Hentges


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