Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday, October 25th

Share 2 & Critique:

A picture I decided to share today is a picture taken at Yellowstone National Park. This photograph was taken at a low angle, looking towards the horizon. I admire that this picture captures that depth and image of the trees on the side. If I could do this photograph over again, I would have taken the picture much further back-making the road (and depth) look much much further (or longer). Some editing that is suggested is highlighting the tree line and darkening the broad aspect of the sky.

The second photograph I chose is also a picture taken at Yellowstone National Park. When visiting the Yellowstone National Park, it was a slightly overcast day-later in the afternoon. This photograph appeals to me because of the dark, ominous feeling it gives. The angle of the photograph is looking up (slightly) towards the top tip of the tree line and overcast sky. I decided to take the picture at this angle because on the bottom ground, new developing trees are shown-which I think is also an interesting image. It gives the illusion of dead trees with new life beginning at the bottom.

Sierra R. Hentges

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