Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thursday, October 6

While doing my research concerning common beliefs and misconceptions regarding vaccines held by people throughout the state of Montana, I came across a hospital website that had beautiful photography. A lady named Lynn Lowder, from Twin Bridges (approximately 8 miles from the Ruby Valley Hospital in Sheridan, Montana). Lynn is a active volunteer for the Madison County DUI Task Force. I decided to share her pictures because they are done exceptionally well.

Her first photograph, a beautiful picture of the Ruby Valley Mountains with a river running through. I especially like this picture because of the vibrant colors and reflection of the sky in the water. She was able to capture a lot of land and nature in just one photograph.

Her second photograph I chose is a picture of a weasel. I like this photograph because the weasel itself is mostly in focus and the side light source emphasizes the weasel's details nicely. The white fur of the weasel stands out vividly in the brown dirt and tan weeds. Overall, this is a nice portrait shot of the weasel.

Sierra Hentges

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