Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday, September 7th

One summer afternoon my girlfriend, a friend, a I decided to take an airplane ride from Wolf Point, Montana to Billings, Montana. My friend works as a self-employed farmer and is an experienced pilot. We got in the plane, took off, and saw beautiful Montana country. This picture is an aerial view of Fort Peck Lake. Fort Peck Lake is located in northeastern Montana and expands approximately 130 miles. It is the largest body of water located in Montana. This lake houses over 50 different kinds of fish. The reservoir at Fort Peck Lake was created from 1933 to 1937 by constructing a 3.8 mile long dam across the Missouri River that still stands today.

Fort Peck Lake is a large tourist attraction in the summer time and especially for anyone looking to fish. There is over 1,520 miles of shoreline for people to experience. A summertime favorite is going to the lake, fishing, camping, and swimming. I especially like this picture because you can see the large body of water and different shades in the water as well as the stunning sky in the top. Because it was cloudy that day you can see where the clouds cast a shadow over the land. This was one of the best airplane rides I've ever had, and I cannot wait to take another!

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