Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday, September 29th

I found an interesting e-book "Photo Guide to Iceland" written by Finnur Frodason (Finn) and Haukur Parelius Finnsson (Hawk). These two men traveled throughout Iceland taking beautiful photographs and detailed notes of their experiences. Each photograph at various locations come with a description of the subject, area of Iceland it was taken, nearest town, accessibility, GPS coordinates, description, driving directions, sample photographs with metadata, seasonal information, and sometimes a fun fact or useful tip. This guide gives advice to future photographers of what subject is best to shoot in summer, autumn, and spring seasons. Together, Finn and Hawk visited approximately 50 locations within Iceland along with photographs of the Northern Lights, volcanic eruptions, and aerial shots.

The second portion of the e-book contains a summary of general information on Iceland, a guide of the best times to visit Iceland, weather conditions/patterns, roads in Iceland, safety information, gear that would be useful/necessary, sunset and sunrise times, and Icelandic nature words. I believe this is the ultimate guide for planning and conducting a photography trip throughout Iceland. It gives experienced details and great advice. These guys have provided everything from locations to gear, hotels and rental cars and helicopter tours so that any potential future photography will have ever resource to prepare for an amazing trip.

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