Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wednesday, September 14th

I read an interesting article titled, "Teach Yourself Photography", by Discover Digital Photography. This article described basic composition, camera modes, unique techniques, information regarding aperture, ISO, and shutter speed, lighting-pretty much everything we've been learning about the past four weeks. This article did a good job breaking down complicated aspects of each of these categories and describe more of how to achieve the best picture quality rather than what is more technical. The author also included many of his own personal techniques and advice to readers in order to obtain the best possible photograph.

I especially like the videos in the article. In the first video, "Beyond the Rule of Thirds", the speaker says how he experiments with different techniques of digital photography (even breaking the rule of thirds) in order to take beautiful photographs. The second video gives a very detailed explanation regarding the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, light, and ISO and the techniques the speaker personally uses with different types of photographs (landscape, nature, portraits, etc.). The speakers give the audience different advice with respect to photography experience. I especially like this video because he describes exactly what needs to be adjusted with different shots and how to make these changes on the camera itself. In the video, he takes pictures right there and then and you can physically see the differences in shutter speed, light, ISO, and aperture.

The last video is a very basic online tutorial in digital photography for beginners. I admire that the article was able to show readers (or watchers) how to make changes on the camera itself. I know that I sometimes struggle to make changes in settings because I'm not sure how to manipulate the camera to different settings or which setting is most appropriate for the shots that I am looking at taking.

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