Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday, September 21st

This picture is of the Missouri River located seven miles from Wolf Point, Montana. Wolf Point is my hometown and located on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. I can remember when I was a kid coming down to the river to fish and swim, going across the old bridge and counting the beams on top looking up towards the sky, and watching the annual tiny boat race at Harry's Nite Club. I enjoy this picture because of the vibrant colors in the water and trees. The bridges, strategically placed in the middle of the photograph, make it pop. I also admire the light source in the photograph. I would say the light source is either back light, or slightly side light-I can remember standing slightly side ways when shooting the photograph. This photograph was taken at sunset on a clear day.

This photograph was taken at Fort Peck Lake, Montana. Fort Peck is in the northeastern corner located approximately 50 miles away from Wolf Point, Montana. I enjoy the various color aspects in the water depicted from the front light source. This photograph was taken at late sunset. You can also see the 45 degree angle, showing that the photographer was standing and looking down at the water. An interesting element of this photograph is that it was raining during the sunlight.

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