Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday, August 24th

In the article, "Night Fantastic", Tony Rowell is able to capture some of the most beautiful night photos I've ever seen. In the article he emphasizes that he escapes the light pollution major cities create as well as go out on a nice clear night. In Montana, I feel like we are fortunate in escaping the glare major cities create. In my hometown, Wolf Point, MT, this is done very easily. A population of approximately 2,000 and a wide variety of back dirt roads offers a broad view of the night sky. One of my favorite things to do as a teenager was to grab a sleeping grab, lay in the bed of my pickup, and gaze at the stars.

In the article he goes on to describe his astrophotography work he's done-mostly in the Sierra Nevada Mountains located in California. Tony has been able to capture shots of comets, nebulae, lunar rainbows, meteors, eclipses, and views of the Milky Way galaxy. He describes many interesting methods to night photography. There are ways to manipulate exposure times, equipment, various lens, white balance, autofocus, and position/levels. He suggests adding extra light to bring more contrast to the stars themselves. All of these sound like great tips and tricks and I look forward to trying them on my next night photo shoot.

Camping under the Milky Way
The countless stars of the Milky Way rise over tents while camping in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Photo by Tony Rowell.

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